What Stoics Do When Societies Fall Apart


In this episode, Kevin talks about Epictetus’ life and how we can cope with chaotic world events. Recorded while vote-counting efforts continuing, this episode shows a great deal about how Kevin deals with external stress.

0:00:54 Kevin is sitting on grass at a park of Scottsdale Arizona
0:02:34 Kevin mentions a story from Buddha (book: Old Path White Clouds)
0:04:48 living in the now vs. interacting with the inner narrative
0:05:56 how can we navigate in a paradigm where rules are breaking day by day?
0:06:36 does sometimes a collapse needed for resetting the system?
0:07:18 Kevin mentions the period after Julius Caesar’s assassination and states it may not be easy to recover from a collapse,
0:09:30 if we want to throw phony politicians out we should be ready for ones authentically lying as well,
0:10:26 Kevin says he does turn to stoics when he is stressed out by conditions he can’t change, and gives and Epictetus quote,
0:12:01 Kevin talks about how things went down while vote-counting in Phoenix Arizona
0:12:59 we are trying to resist reality unfolding and quote from Byron Katie
0:13:44 another quote from Epictetus
0:14:48 as the life’s necessity we may need to work through people no matter what result comes out
0:15:06 Ptolemy’s book toll mandate and library of Alexandria
0:17:25 we need to trust life and what it needs to be
0:18:07 contrast between fanaticism and free thinking periods of time
0:19:47 how we can approach the unfriendliness of the today’s world from a place of peace
0:20:55 more quotes from Epictetus
0:21:20 if you find yourself caught in fear and terror go back to precepts and practice rational thinking
0:22:11 continuation to Epictetus passage
0:22:35 the universe is strong and superior such that it’s unreasonable to resist events happening to us
0:23:27 Kevin talks about how Epictetus gain his freedom and became an outcast from Rome after 20 years
0:24:21 Epictetus goes with the flow in life like a martial artist

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