[Chats with Steve] – Escaping from Youtube in Amish Buggies


In this episode Kevin and Steve talk about digital books, distraction, detachment from belongings and old days of entrepreneurship. Steve makes a kid cry at school and Kevin wants to take things slowly with tech and become an Amish.

0:01:27 where were steve?
0:03:13 maybe most of steve’s liveliness rooting in uncertainty
0:03:38 we expect options in life and we are upset when they run out
0:06:01 steve on youtube gurus selling their sports cars and his own cleansing from things
0:11:15 kevin trying hard not to watch youtube
0:12:08 physical books vs digital books
0:12:39 should we give devices to our kids?
0:13:58 jail time and books
0:15:16 similarities between prison and monastic life
0:16:51 kevin asks about meditation retreats
0:21:05 internet was cool at the beginning but now its a pain in the ass
0:22:40 kevin mentions netflix’s social dilemma
0:25:10 steve mentions keeping your kids off of devices and social media gonna be a battle
0:26:46 kevin wants to be more amish and take things slowly
0:28:01 kevin references to don miguel ruiz
0:29:20 story of don miguel ruiz visiting his grandfather
0:30:56 steve expects 6-min youtube clips to change his life
0:31:43 kevin takes portugese lessons
0:32:20 learning vs feeding off of streaming content
0:33:07 kevin on toltek agreements and brain lying to itself
0:34:06 steve on brain’s resistance to doing hard things
0:36:08 kevin tells his feelings about parenting
0:36:36 steve tells most draining thing you can do while caring for children
0:38:42 kevin on living exact opposite of the tao
0:39:23 steve tells about the kid leaving his class
0:42:02 steve on how crying is therapeutic for kids
0:43:58 steve says don’t put all your eggs in one basket
0:45:27 kevin on old-school entrepreneurship
0:47:14 steve tells about his old entrepreneur days, and how it might go bad back in the day
0:49:24 kevin on how easy entrepreneurship is nowadays
0:52:20 steve on venture capital
0:52:56 kevin says there is something different with kenneth cole
0:53:45 steve says every entrepreneur thinks they will do really well on day 1
0:54:39 kevin asks if steve can increase the odds through persistence
0:55:39 steve says we don’t teach how to handle failure
0:56:24 if we want open communication we can’t have punishment
0:57:34 kevin on learning from your mistakes
1:00:43 steve on jordan belfort
1:03:02 steve on entrepreneur vs employee mindset
1:05:01 kevin says covid made us rethink our beliefs of what is solid business
1:05:28 kevin mentions his aunts house burned down

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