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#3 Will a Train Crash into a Plane?

Kevin and Steve discuss a layman’s monastic-ish lifestyle when compared the hustle and bustle of most of the world as well as daily habits, morning meditation rituals, and how to…

#2 Help! Get Me Outta Here!

In this episode, Steve and Kevin discuss how to get out of a job you hate, whether it’s better to do work that you love vs. work that’s lucrative, Steve’s…

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The Willingness to Be A Fool

So it hit me the other day, why don’t I seem to be accomplishing the things that I would like to be in life? Why do I get so close…

My Transparent Search for Inner Freedom

These days, the trend is for startup founders to document their company’s long and grueling road towards success, opening up their revenue numbers and their hearts to scrutiny. CafeTruth will…

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