• #4 [Philosophy] Marcus Faces the Antonine Plague 1,855 Years Ago

    Kevin's solo episode with quotes form Marcus Aurelius from his book Meditations that help us consider how to think and act during these times of uncertainty with the COVID19 pandemic.

  • #3 Will a Train Crash into a Plane?

    Steve discusses his monastic-like life in China as a layman Steve's daily morning meditation rituals Stalking fear in the Toltec tradition working through stuck childhood traumas and memories Drinking your morning coffee as a conscious ritual Choosing conscious action with daily habits Awakening resets your preferences back to babyhood -Kevin questions the motivation of meditation for business people and entrepreneurs -Guy Ritchie's interpretation of the prodigal son story Listening to pastor's/guru's who haven't been through hardships Dealing with external judgement as an awakened person Modern personal freedom and awakening from the perspective of evolution (reference to the book Sapiens)

  • #2 Help! Get Me Outta Here!

    Steve and Kevin discuss how to get out of a job you hate, whether it's better to do work that you love vs. work that's lucrative, Steve's move to China, narcissist parents, and more!

  • The Willingness to Be A Fool

    So it hit me the other day, why don’t I seem to be accomplishing the things that I would like to be in life? Why do I get so close […]

  • #1 Eat More Wet Food

    In this episode, Kevin and Steve discuss: Tea/coffee on the spiritual path Vegetarianism Eat more wet food, less dry Diet - Intermittent fasting Using spirituality to avoid real life All of the current political arguments are ancient arguments Use of AI in classrooms Screen-time and children Letting children be naturally interested in the physical world Life is a dream. Life is a simulation. 3D movies Disorienting nature of enlightenment Starbucks in China Starbucks over roasts their coffee

  • My Transparent Search for Inner Freedom

    These days, the trend is for startup founders to document their company’s long and grueling road towards success, opening up their revenue numbers and their hearts to scrutiny. CafeTruth will […]