Court Case of the Mind


In this episode Kevin introduces one of the base conceptions from Byron Katie’s “the Work”. Kevin also explains why we need to be better judges and shows historical and actual examples of what can happen if humans judge poorly.

0:00:57 where is steve?
0:02:39 court of the mind
0:03:23 what does someone being judgemental actually mean?
0:03:51 everything in life is about relationship
0:04:27 kevin talks about his troubled relationship with his high-school car
0:05:10 it’s possible to have emotionally-charged relationships with everything and everyone
0:05:28 2020 usa elections
0:06:08 everything is just ideas
0:06:18 kevin mentions Death of Democracy by Benjamin Carter Hett
0:08:03 kevin mentions there were 2 extreme political parties too in Nazi Germany
0:08:48 1930’s Germany may be more similar to nowadays USA than we think
0:09:07 people have strong relationships with their political identities
0:09:22 the political camps we are stongly attaching to are merely an idea, a symbol or a flag but nothing more
0:10:31 kevin looks into ancient rome conflicts and Julius Caesar’s takeover
0:11:06 stoics take on extreme camps and political attachment
0:11:47 it’s easy to judge other people
0:12:15 kevin mentions byron katie
0:13:58 kevin says byron katie’s work helps us to create a court case in brain
0:15:23 kevin explains “the work” of byron katie
0:16:45 kevin goes through court characters
0:19:40 the judge in our court case can get conditioned by experience and environment
0:21:02 we all agree on judges should not be partial and biased
0:21:32 we are not fair judges a lot of the time
0:22:01 purpose of “the work” is getting use to go through the fair court case on every upsetting occasion
0:22:53 there are big consequences for us not being fair
0:23:40 quotes from Epictetus
0:26:42 how do we process the court of mind with “the work”
0:28:49 more quotes from Epictetus
0:29:53 there are similarities between epictetus and jesus teachings
0:33:12 can we stop being judgemental
0:34:26 there is no choice about being judgemental or not, but you can be a good judge

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