[Chats w/ Steve] We are all one in the Matrix of trauma


In this wise and fun chatter of Kevin and Steve they discuss simulation, enlightenment and what should we do with traumatic experiences. From history to video production they talk about many subjects.

0:00:59 abraham hicks and childhood trauma
0:02:11 steve doesn’t agree with abraham hicks method of ignoring childhood trauma
0:02:35 kevin revisits the previous episode on cafetruth they did about narcissism
0:03:02 kevin mentions about victor frankl
0:03:14 kevin says we might be putting meaning to traumas and this meaning may not be actually true
0:03:47 kevin shares his last experience with abraham hicks
0:05:34 kevin mentions about his feelings about self-growth and spiritual events and the necessity of integrity in those teachings
0:06:48 steve says different talkers will deliver different qualities on same topic – steve’s thoughts on neil de’greesse tyson
0:08:15 kevin talking about neil de’greese tyson and why scientific method may not cut it when it comes to psychology
0:09:21 psychology is pretty adolescent as a department of science
0:09:47 feelings are valid but when you get down to memories things change & steve had a core belief about his father wants to kill him
0:12:13 steve introduces a method to disseminate ongoing traumatic events
0:12:45 steve mentions about effects of hearing counter methodologies in psychology
0:13:07 kevin makes a barnacle on a ship allegory about human attachment
0:14:02 kevin mentions the “i don’t know mind” for a solution
0:14:25 steve tells his core belief about his boss
0:14:45 thoughts of attachment are almost projecting in the real life
0:15:15 kevin and steve discuss masking,people pleasing and stress at work related to deadlines
0:16:17 kevin refers to a recording of Allan about how doctors treat a wound
0:16:57 kevin asks is working also therapeutic
0:17:27 steve says being intouchable by others words is the most enlightened stage
0:18:07 scalpel of truth & wisdom of not propagating traumatic wounds to others
0:19:35 steve tells his once happy jolly jolly life & changing subjects as a defense
0:20:56 kevin promotes work should be only for self
0:22:24 steve tells the aspects of work he appreciate and how it helps his communication
0:23:00 life is like a mirror
0:23:10 does others exist? simulation theory
0:24:14 steve mentions his 6 year old student
0:25:58 steve mentions pre-education children may be able to tap into simulation
0:26:50 steve tells everything is one thing and rammifications of it
0:29:27 kevin tells a koan about a zen master going to butcher
0:30:35 kevin mentions lorann hilson
0:30:51 where do we go when we sleep?
0:31:46 steve and kevin googles “where do i go when i sleep”
0:32:41 kevin discusses the whole point of healing from traumas
0:33:35 don’t fuck with our story, people don’t want to get their narratives taken
0:34:23 psychology is almost there but it is half baked
0:36:08 mind is always creating stories and self-identity is one of them
0:37:09 kevin mentions how his terrified ego reacted to COVID pandemic
0:38:54 will we exist after we die or will it turn out we didn’t exist anyway
0:39:46 steve tells a chinese master’s method of deconstructing the I thought
0:40:50 there is a space under mind chatter and I thought
0:41:41 what is the thing in us that is aware of us thinking
0:42:18 eye can’t see itself
0:43:02 steve actually feels like a camera, life is like a movie production
0:46:36 technology replicates spiritual
0:49:18 kevin says simulations designer throwing all the drama, trauma and health conditions just to make it fun to play
0:51:01 its easier to look at history then living it
0:51:49 life is a dream and we have to be humble about this
0:52:11 steve pushes simulation theory on everyone
0:52:58 if you are on the beach of tahiti would you want to wake up from the dream?
0:55:27 kevin mentions there was a 15 year pandemic in Marcus Aurelius’ time too
0:56:58 steve mentions how he and his mom affected by COVID in England
0:58:01 steve and kevin on queen’s speech
0:59:46 kevin asks steve if they studied british civil war
1:01:03 steve says they teach history based on where you live almost like a local history
1:03:16 steve sums up english history
1:07:09 steve and librarian with a wheelchair & america is an english speaking germany
1:10:58 kevin says immigrants are very pushy
1:11:42 kevin tells about condenser microphones
1:12:32 kevin asks about steve’s video production
1:13:06 there are two kinds of brain

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