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  • Find Genuine Leisure and Inner Peace through the Banquet of Life

    Kevin starts with talking about leaving out corporate life and starting a business Kevin mentions a book talking about self discipline and the 2 types of energy (pulling and grasping) Kevin speaks about his camping experience and the beauty of pick up trucks and RVs Kevin talks about the role of location and environment and how it affects and manipulate your desires Ways of how to stop being materialistic let the things the way they are, the concept of doing by NOT doing having faith and to stop worrying so much about everything Kevin speaks about the modern version of showing off wealth and power Kevin mentions how grateful he is of the AC invention and how people lived before it Speaking about the fear of unhappiness and how shameful is to live just for your own desires Finding inner peace and genuine leisure regardless of your environment and circumstances.

  • You are Looking at Your Own Projection of Reality

    Some deepest meditation is only in you. Death is non existence.

  • Coping with Reality from Place to Place

    Kevin and Steve discuss their new lack of social lives amidst the Coronavirus and the day to day experience and tasks they have to do in their day to day life. Notes: Discussion continues about coping with reality that corona is here and the idea of trying to adapt and be friends with your enemy Spirituality and religions and what lessons we humans learn in life to face our struggles The idea of existence of the world and how we connect to it by simply breathing to remind ourselves we exist! How weather plays role in how we feel, for ex: anger from cold weather, preferring the sunny weather? The lack of work due to coronavirus and money struggles people are facing Online videos about selling Mac products and reviewing technical specs and personal experience with computers and cameras How the iPhone combined a lot of equipment people used before to produce HQ media content. Talking about video editing software like Final Cut Pro . Talking about people giving nonsense excuses instead of taking actions towards their success and careers. People having different sub personalties in different situations…and self-awareness of those personalities. Energy and the way we think affecting our lives, and acceptance of the fact we can't know everything. Overthinking draining our energy and negatively affecting our life. Car accidents and it's huge number of death compared to coronavirus number of deaths. Netflix documentary done mainly by puppets…and how Kevin was blown away by how big the production was and the huge effort made for it to happen Discussing money transfer online services and the safety of using them Discussing wages and pensions and buying houses

  • What’s Your Fear?

    The British Monarch system Raising children with punishment - is there another way? Living abroad as a digital nomad or expatKevin possibly thinking to move to Bulgaria Steve happily living in China Breaking free from the Matrix Choosing freedom over corporate captivity Tesla or freedom?

  • Look at Life as Your Dream

    - Money, social life, human relation and life. - What you need in life to live. - Be real you.

  • What matters if Tomorrow, You Die?

    Kevin with a solo podcast episode where he discusses Marcus Aurelius facing the Antonine Plague 1,855 Years Ago and living life as if you are going to live forever. Please […]

  • Will a Train Crash into a Plane?

    Steve discusses his monastic-like life in China as a layman Steve's daily morning meditation rituals Stalking fear in the Toltec tradition working through stuck childhood traumas and memories Drinking your morning coffee as a conscious ritual Choosing conscious action with daily habits Awakening resets your preferences back to babyhood -Kevin questions the motivation of meditation for business people and entrepreneurs -Guy Ritchie's interpretation of the prodigal son story Listening to pastor's/guru's who haven't been through hardships Dealing with external judgement as an awakened person Modern personal freedom and awakening from the perspective of evolution (reference to the book Sapiens)

  • Help! Get Me Outta Here!

    Steve and Kevin discuss how to get out of a job you hate, whether it's better to do work that you love vs. work that's lucrative, Steve's move to China, narcissist parents, and more!

  • Eat More Wet Food

    In this episode, Kevin and Steve discuss: Tea/coffee on the spiritual path Vegetarianism Eat more wet food, less dry Diet - Intermittent fasting Using spirituality to avoid real life All of the current political arguments are ancient arguments Use of AI in classrooms Screen-time and children Letting children be naturally interested in the physical world Life is a dream. Life is a simulation. 3D movies Disorienting nature of enlightenment Starbucks in China Starbucks over roasts their coffee

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