My Transparent Search for Inner Freedom


These days, the trend is for startup founders to document their company’s long and grueling road towards success, opening up their revenue numbers and their hearts to scrutiny.

CafeTruth will be a similar endeavor. Here, I will do my best to write from the heart about what it means to wake up, in a spiritual sense. Thousands of years of spiritual seekers have provided the frameworks, the terminology, and hints to the endpoint. While “success” can be a dangerous word when it comes to inner-awakening, for the purposes of this documented journey, let me at least define “success” as progressively breaking free from my inner demons and my inner tyrant.

I do have worries about this endeavor however. I worry that people will mis-take my transparency as a cry for help from me and an invitation for personal coaches to set me straight.

Yet the truth is that that is absolutely what’s going to happen by documenting my process here on “the net” (as we used to call it). I will receive lots of advice, disagreements, criticisms, and perhaps even some hostility what is put out there. And maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly what I need. In fact, it will be exactly what I need. How do I know? Because that’s what will be arising in my experience.

So with this post, I hereby christen this vessel, CafeTruth, as my companion on this exciting new road towards personal freedom.

Please follow if it sounds up your alley and if you do, thanks for joining!