Author: Kevin Marshall

Kevin is passionate about personal and professional growth. He's spent the better part of the last decade creating apps that companies use every day to keep things running. Beyond running 2 businesses, he strives to make sure that his time is filled with things that excite and inspire him, including: studying the ancient philosophy of stoicism, open source software development, interview coaching, marketing, meditation, digital entrepreneurship, nomadic lifestyles, and blockchain (not in any specific order). He does his best to spend at least half his daylight hours with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of life and drinking a fair amount of good coffee.
  • My Interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

    In 2013, I had the pleasure of “sitting down” with don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of the 5 Levels of Attachment and a teacher of Toltec Wisdom, like his father, […]

  • The Willingness to Be A Fool

    So it hit me the other day, why don’t I seem to be accomplishing the things that I would like to be in life? Why do I get so close […]

  • My Transparent Search for Inner Freedom

    These days, the trend is for startup founders to document their company’s long and grueling road towards success, opening up their revenue numbers and their hearts to scrutiny. CafeTruth will […]

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