Gratitude: The Great Antidote to Feeling Crappy


Kevin discusses the power of gratitude to fight the tendency of most humans to be petty in our complaints about our daily reality and our dissatisfaction with it.

Key takeaways from the episode:

  • Kevin discussed many scenarios from our daily-lives that are taken for granted and that which we purport upon ourselves.
  • More often we find the odds in other things or beings and degrade our own thinking and existence.
  • Quote from the episode: “Envy -and complaining- is the villain, the antagonist of the fortunate because what have we forgotten? The big amazing recognition that we are the fortunate? And you might think oh, well, not me, I’m not the fortunate! Look at all the problems I have. You might be thinking that to yourself.”
  • People are too busy being jealous of others.
  • Quote from the episode: “…what I think stoicism really is about is: are you willing to look deeper? Are you willing to break free from the typical grooves like a record? The groove that you’re used to, which is the complain, complain, and complain!”
  • Stoicism gives us the power to question ourselves and really question things that we take for granted like; “Is this so bad?”, “It’s not fair!”, “Why don’t I have that particular job?”, “Why don’t I have a better boss?” etc.
  • If one looks deep inside in their selves, they can find the answers to questions which made them an odd thinker.
  • Quote: “the fool’s life is empty of gratitude, and full of fears. Its course lies wholly toward the future.”

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