How to Live and Give like a Stoic: Interview with Paul Higgins


Paul Higgins decided to write his book, Build, Live, Give, while receiving dialysis treatments for chronic kidney disease. Shocked, his nurses told him they’d never had any patients with an attitude like his before.

During this daunting time, he also started a new company of the same name as his book, with the intent to help solopreneurs free themselves from 60+ hour work-weeks, so they could spend more time doing the things that matter most: spending time with family, traveling, and helping others.

In this interview, Kevin asks Paul about his incredible journey in the areas of business, career, and health. We also get a peek inside a truly remarkable attitude and philosophy of a man who’s taken on Marcus Aurelius’ famous words, “The Obstacle is the Way” in new and inspiring ways.


  • Kevin introduces Paul Higgins, who explains the work of his mentoring organization, Build Live Give.
  • Paul explains why he left Coca-Cola and talks about his lifelong diagnosis with polycystic kidney disease (PKD).
  • Paul tells why his mother’s example was an inspiration to start his book while he was on dialysis.
  • Paul’s motivations and methods to help others.
  • How Paul confronted his illness and achieved his life’s goals.
  • A history with his brother going to the Olympics and the family culture of striving.
  • Paul’s next books.
  • The “Live and Give” components in the business
  • The progress of medical technology
  • A funny history with biscuits in a hospital
  • The importance of organ donation
  • Learn more about Paul’s coaching in
  • 5 key takeaways of Paul’s book: Build, Live, Give

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