Everything is Made of Light


Kevin discusses the crucial difference between nature’s direct communication with humans and humans interacting with human thought. Podcast starts with Don Miguel Ruiz looking up to night sky and moves onto introducing foundations of what can be called Stoic meditation.

00:21 Don Miguel Ruiz’s realization after looking at the night sky of Sonoran Desert
01:54 Is space really empty?
02:49 Every corner of the universe is filled with light
03:52 We are wired to perceive with words and they are dictating our understanding
04:52 Light as a messenger of information
06:23 Mirrors capability to create a virtual reality
07:38 Our brains work similarly to a mirror
08:13 Artificial intelligence and brain as a black box trying to recreate reality
09:34 Our minds might not be reliable for interpreting data from the universe accurately
10:41 There is no space between us and objects
11:40 We might have been trying to process more data than we need in today’s world
12:31 Why Kevin revisited Voice of Knowledge from Don Miguel Ruiz in an age of deception and fake news.
12:56 Don’t believe everything in your head especially if it comes from another human mind
14:00 Difference between a tree communicating itself and how language distorts Kevin telling the tree to his friend
14:35 How computers fix the errors in Internet communication comparing to human language
17:16 Why humans are so into narratives
19:46 Importance of coming out of storytelling feedback loop. Practicing direct communication with nature via silence and being at the moment.
21:46 Quotes from Marcus Aurelius about distorted perception of reality
24:23 Stop fighting with reality either intentionally or unintentionally.
25:35 Conspiracy theories and unintentional spread of misinformation
27:44 Which tools are helpful for us checking errors and stop propagating lies?

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