Choosing Passion vs. Fame – Radioactivity & Madame Curie


Kevin introduces the idea of quality and stoic virtue while mentioning how liberating it is to know how insignificant and forgettable we are. Filled with lessons from Madam Curie’s life, this episode discusses why we need almost a Zen way of living.

04:25 stoic notion of insignificance – everyone is forgotten – desire of the fame is torments you
08:29 did romans thought earth is round?
09:33 how small are we on the pinhead of earth
10:09 all you see will quickly perish
11:08 chernobyl crisis and what’s left from the first responders
13:38 how long historical records last? once data is gone the narrative is over.
14:20 present is all there is
15:10 we are most likely impermanent and unremarkable people
16:30 thoughts after watching the movie about Marie Curie named Radioactive – even Marie Curie will might be forgotten
20:08 marie curie seems to follow curiosity over fame
21:43 the notion of doing something for outcome of itself
22:07 social media and increased rates of teenage suicide
25:22 it is nice to know even marcus aurelius’ years they dealt with tormenting desire of becoming famous
26.05 in comparison to our desire for being relevant marie curie lived the opposite
27:37 social media systems geared to reward most outrageous of us
28:08 madam curie created more impact without looking for fame and relevancy
31:03 why marie curie went through years of people looking down on her instead of manipulating fame and press
32:13 beauty of taking responsibility
33:05 quote from Epictetus – madam curie might be cancelled if there were a social media back then
35:40 YouTuber’s  dilemma between video quality and fame/clickbait
37:57 definitions of quality in the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance book
38:20 choose quality and virtue over fame and short term rewards – how many child stars do we remember?
40:25 kevin tells his experience in his first IT job in comparing to his colleague with Zen-like approach
42:53 quote from Martin Luther King on doing your job well
44:45 knowing we will soon be forgotten might bring relief

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