The Power of Attraction and Positive Thinking

By Cafe Truth

  • Kevin and Steve discuss how can humans live healthy and positively
  • Kevin and Steve discuss people’s fear of death in the times of COVID
  • The idea that the Planet is healing and also sending a wake up call to humans through the virus
  • Do we really have to make a lot of money to feel valuable?
  • Kevin and Steve discuss Overthinking and how it affects our life
  • How dreams can drain our minds
  • Kevin and Steve discuss the law of attraction
  • Imagining scenarios can make it happen in reality
  • Kevin and Steve discuss the difference between outgoing people and ordinary routine loving people
  • Searching for Truth is the ultimate life goal
  • Kevin and Steve speaks about the pollution humans are making to the world
  • Focus on this moment and keep yourself healthy instead of overthinking failure
  • Steve discuss the idea of the universe being inside us
  • Never give up on your dreams, stick with it and it will pay off
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