In Memory of Chadwick Boseman, a Modern Stoic: Following Your Daemon, Genius, and Passions Despite Challenges

By Kevin Ruess

Kevin discusses the recent passing of actor Chadwick Boseman and how the way he lived the last few years of his life – acting in movies such as Black Panther, [Thurgood] Marshall, Message from the King – despite facing a terminal illness, is in essence, what it means to live as a stoic.

Kevin also discusses the ancient Greek/Roman concept of a daemon, and how we can become aware and make the most of our daemon’s gifts, inspiration, and power to create our art in this life.

  • Kevin discuss the origin of the word Gene and what comes out of it
  • Kevin speaks about sexual energy and how to re direct it through creating Art
  • Our relationship to the calling of ambition and drive
  • How can we extract joy through this concept?
  • Kevin mentions the death of Actor Chadwick Boseman and his fight with Cancer
  • Will we still fight for opportunities if we have such life threatening disease?
  • Kevin discuss the relation between happiness and being busy with achieving your ambitions
  • Happiness can come out of the simplest forms of Arts like making your favorite cup of coffee
  • We have to take actions towards our goals
  • We are part of the universe…we can be our own guide in life
  • We cant control what’s happening around us but we have a choice how to respond


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