Find Genuine Leisure and Inner Peace through the Banquet of Life


Kevin speaks about finding genuine leisure and inner peace

  • Kevin starts with talking about leaving out corporate life and starting a business
  • Kevin mentions a book talking about self discipline and the 2 types of energy (pulling and grasping)
  • Kevin speaks about his camping experience and the beauty of pick up trucks and RVs
  • Kevin talks about the role of location and environment and how it affects and manipulate your desires
  • Ways of how to stop being materialistic
  • Let the things the way they are, the concept of doing by NOT doing
  • Having faith and to stop worrying so much about everything
  • Kevin speaks about the modern version of showing off wealth and power
  • Kevin mentions how grateful he is of the AC invention and how people lived before it
  • Speaking about the fear of unhappiness and how shameful is to live just for your own desires
  • Finding inner peace and genuine leisure regardless of your enviroment and circumstances.

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