Coping with Reality from Place to Place


Kevin and Steve discuss their new lack of social lives amidst the Coronavirus and the day to day experience and tasks they have to do in their day to day life.


  • Discussion continues about coping with reality that corona is here and the idea of trying to adapt and be friends with your enemy
  • Spirituality and religions and what lessons we humans learn in life to face our struggles
  • The idea of existence of the world and how we connect to it by simply breathing to remind ourselves we exist!
  • How weather plays role in how we feel, for ex: anger from cold weather, preferring the sunny weather?
  • The lack of work due to coronavirus and money struggles people are facing
  • Online videos about selling Mac products and reviewing technical specs and personal experience with computers and cameras
  • How the iPhone combined a lot of equipment people used before to produce HQ media content.
  • Talking about video editing software like Final Cut Pro .
  • Talking about people giving nonsense excuses instead of taking actions towards their success and careers.
  • People having different sub personalties in different situations…and self-awareness of those personalities.
  • Energy and the way we think affecting our lives, and acceptance of the fact we can’t know everything.
  • Overthinking draining our energy and negatively affecting our life.
  • Car accidents and it’s huge number of death compared to coronavirus number of deaths.
  • Netflix documentary about the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix, done mainly by puppets…and how Kevin was blown away by how big the production was and the huge effort made for it to happen.
  • Discussing money transfer online services and the safety of using them.
  • Discussing wages and pensions and buying houses.

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