Will a Train Crash into a Plane?


Kevin and Steve discuss a layman’s monastic-ish lifestyle when compared the hustle and bustle of most of the world as well as daily habits, morning meditation rituals, and how to not take criticism in your work personally.

  • Steve discusses his monastic-like life in China as a layman
  • Steve’s daily morning meditation rituals
  • Stalking fear in the Toltec tradition working through stuck childhood traumas and memories
  • Drinking your morning coffee as a conscious ritual
  • Choosing conscious action with daily habits
  • Awakening resets your preferences back to babyhood
  • -Kevin questions the motivation of meditation for business people and entrepreneurs
  • -Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the prodigal son story
  • Listening to pastor’s/guru’s who haven’t been through hardships
  • Dealing with external judgement as an awakened person
  • Modern personal freedom and awakening from the perspective of evolution (reference to the book Sapiens)

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