3 Ways to Sync Your ‘Moon’ Cycle to the Moon

3 Ways to Sync Your 'Moon' Cycle to the MoonOur ancestors were sacredly connected with nature and have known the power and significance of the lunar cycle for ages. Rituals and tasks were done throughout different phases of the moon for reasons of various significance. Farmers used the moon as a key tool to plant and harvest their crops for the most abundant yield. Lumber cut upon a new moon (Moon Wood) was said to be stronger have unique resistance to weathering. Shamans and healers harvested their plant medicines upon a full moon for highest potency to heal various ailments. There was a basic observation that there was a deep connection between the events in the starry heavens above and the events occurring on the earth.
Today, the effects of the moon on the planet and each of us ‘cells’ of this bigger organism known as planet earth, are quite visible and evident . We can easily understand the concept of the gravitational pull of the moon and its impact on the ocean tides as we sit on the beach and watch the tide come in. Many of us, regardless of whether we are aware of the moon phases or not, can sometimes even feel the intense vibrational energy that accompanies a full moon.
In many ancient traditions, the sun is representative of the Divine Masculine (Yang,) while the moon is depicted of that of Feminine Divinity (Yin.) Qualities of the divine feminine are of a nature of renewal, emotion, intuition, fertility, nurturing, receptivity.

Let’s observe the significant connection between the lunar cycle and a woman’s menstrual cycle. Much like the influence the moon has upon the tides, a woman’s monthly cycle is also directly affected by the energy of the moon.
The lunar phases and a woman’s cycle and the are essentially the same cycle; both 28 days in length, and containing 4 phases (which are also curiously representative of the 4 seasons, and 4 stages of a woman’s life.)

In the times before electricity, women ovulated when the moon was full, and menstruated when the moon was dark. The pineal gland in our brain tells our ovaries, by hormones, to release an egg based on the amount of light our brain senses in the night when we are asleep. Upon a full moon when there is most light in the night, the full moon, we are biologically programmed to ovulate.
This causes us to menstruate with the new moon; the time when energy is naturally more inwardly focused anyway.

Modern life with constant exposure to artificial light has and the hormone-imbalancing foods we consume disrupt our bodies natural inclination to be in synchronicity with the moon. Many of the adverse symptoms we experience as women upon our cycles are consequential to our resistance and even hatred towards this perfectly natural and beautiful process of femininity. Honoring and embracing a woman’s cycle is one of the most empowering things a woman can do. It is an opportunity to recognize and unite with the rhythms of nature and participate in correcting the imbalances that have been created in our world through not honoring the feminine; something that must be addressed globally so we can live harmoniously on our planet. 

Upon our menses, (and even more so when we are connected with the energy of the new moon,) it is a time to release that which no longer serves us; physically, mentally, emotionally. It is a time of rebirth. It is pure potential. It is an opportunity to go inward, to shed, release, let go; to create space and plant seeds of new intention to create, develop and manifest into our lives. It is the potentiality to become more aligned with our Highest Self, our most True nature, the most authentic and pure Self.

3 Ways to Synchronize your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon Cycle

1) Practice regularly observing the moon, tracking its path across the sky, and noticing its waxing and waning. Just this simple connection with mother nature will stimulate your bodies natural inclination to ovulate upon a full moon.
2) Begin to observe your bodies current cycle. Mark your calender, or somehow document the phases of your cycle. There are plenty of apps available for your mobile device which make it easy to track when you ovulate, the average length of your cycle, estimated dates for menstruation, and also provide space to document the more subtle or emotional effects of different parts of your cycle and the lunar phases. This is also an incredibly powerful method of either planning or preventing pregnancy; simply by knowing when you are fertile.
3) Use your favorite methods of manifestation to will your cycle in sync with that of nature. Meditate upon it, pray for it, envision it, affirm it.

Ritual for Manifestation on the New Moon Days
1) Invite the power of each of the 4 elements: earth in the form of flowers, crystals or fruits, a glass of water, a candle for fire, and incense and an open window for air.
2) Write a letter: to your highest Self? (Or to the Universe, to God, to Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, you pick; it’s all just different names to the same thing isn’t it?) ;) Write 3 things that you’d like to release in life: thoughts, attitudes, relationships, judgement etc; anything that you are aware of that stands in between you and your highest Self. Then, write 3 things you intend on manifesting into your life; dreams, health goals, financial goals etc.
3) Light the incense and the candle; infusing it with your intentions.
4) Meditate on this! Pray, affirm, or chant mantra. I often play on my singing bowl to really sending this intention out into the world; riding out on the tidal waves of sound vibration.
Optional* You may use tarot cards or do some reading for further inspiration or insight.
5) Burn the letter; setting it free to the Universe to manifest in time as the moon grows full.
As empowered beings of this planet, I invite us all to connect to the natural cycles within us and reunite with our long lost connection to mother nature and our grandmother moon. Have you got a ritual for honoring the Divine Feminine? I want to hear it; keep in touch loves. 

Britney StablesMeet the Author: Britney Stables

Britney is a passionate yogini, writer, musician, tree & cow-hugging, kombucha & tea drinking, bohemian, Virgo currently travelling around the world. She help people shift their energy using a vast array of healing techniques picked up from around the globe to support them on their journey to creating a life in alignment with their highest, most divinely authentic and true Self!

You can connect with her through her website and facebook.

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